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Thread: STATS: Gallofree Yards GR-45 Medium Transport

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    Smile STATS: Gallofree Yards GR-45 Medium Transport

    Hello dear fellows!

    It's been quite some time when I last posted something on this lovely board, but I simply got into that mood again that pushed me to... make stats! I had just looked through that nice book called "Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy", a guide book by James Luceno and published by Dorling Kindersley and Lucas Books.

    On a Mos Eisley drawing I found that Gallofree transport that we see in "A New Hope" when the characters enter the city with their landspeeder. The book identified the parked Gallofree transport as "GR-45".

    Comparing it with Docking Bay 94 and the Millennium Falcon on the same image, I quickly calculated its lenght at roughly 60 meters. Although being still 2/3 of the original Gallofree's length, the cargo should only be roughly one third, as total volume is reduced by a higher factor than just the length. So I came up with the following stats.

    Gallofree GR-45 Medium Transport

    Craft: Gallofree Yards GR-45 Transport

    Type: Medium transport

    Scale: Capital

    Length: 60 meters

    Skill: Space transports: Gallofree transport

    Crew: 4, skeleton 2/+10

    Crew Skill: Varies widely

    Cargo Capacity: 6,000 metric tons

    Consumables: 4 months

    Cost: 200,000 credits (new), 70,000 credits (used)

    Hyperdrive Multiplier: x4

    Maneuverability: 1D

    Space: 3

    Atmosphere: 260; 750 kmh

    Hull: 4D

    Shields: 1D


    Passive: 10/0D

    Scan: 25/1D

    Search: 40/2D

    Focus: 2/3D

    Capsule: The GR-45 is a smaller bulk transport manufactured by Gallofree Yards. As most representants of this class, the GR-45 is slow, not very maneuverable and unarmed. The main advantage of the ship is its cheap price, a common feature of Gallofree ships, which makes it very attractive to trader and larger organizations or companies.
    Following the success of the GR-45 transport, Gallofree Yards followed the design with a slightly larger version of it, the popular and well-known GR-75 transport which is usually referred as "Gallofree Transport". It is basically a scaled-up version of the GR-45 transport and hence, except for the design of the engine block, very similar in appearance. As Gallofree Yards wanted to keep the larger predecessor also cheap in price, they didn't put much extra effort in maneuverability and engines, which makes the smaller GR-45 slightly faster and more maneuverable than the successor, although being the older ship of both.
    Both are civilian transports although the the GR-75 made quite a career within the services of the Rebel Alliance, which used an armed version of it, which was usually simypl called "Rebel Transport". Although there are a lot less of the smaller GR-45 transports still in service, it is quite probable that quite some of these also found use in the rows of the Alliance.

    That's it for today. Thank you for your time and interest. See you around soon!

    ~ HiAd Chris

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    Thanks for posting this, and keeping the new material coming!
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