For those of you that don't like or use MySpace, this thread is not for you. Please disregard. Thanks. And Grimace, if there is a more appropriate forum to post this in, please move it. Thanks

MySpace: Star Wars D6 ->

For those of you that do use MySpace, I have created a Star Wars D6 RPG profile. This is not a group, but rather a "friend" profile that users can add to their friend list, so the image link to the Star Wars D6 profile will appear on their profiles. This Star Wars D6 profile can also be a member of groups as well, likewise appearing in the group's profile. I had searched and could not locate any existing page like this, so I created one, mostly because I wanted one my personal profile. But now I can also spead the love of Star Wars D6 through MySpace.

I do plan on posting all the book titles in the Books sections of the profile, so it is not quite complete yet. I want to rearrange my book list so that it is more organized and catagorized before posting it on there.

Other than that, I wasn't quite sure of what else to put on there. If any of you have any suggestions for edits or things to post, please post them here and I will consider them.

And if you have a MySpace profile and like the Star Wars D6 RPG, then by all means please add "Star Wars D6" as a friend! Thank you.