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Thread: Stormtrooper complement on a star destroyer

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    Default Stormtrooper complement on a star destroyer

    So does anybody know off the top of their heads just how many stormtroopers n Imperial-class Star Destroyer carries. I'm pretty sure they carry about 400 but I'm not sure, Wookieepedia isn't helping much either. I'm curios because I think I have at least 100 clone/stormtroopers at the moment and was curious to see how much further I had to go, sad isn't it
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    Well, the corebook says 9700 troops, but not all would necessarily be stormies, I suppose.
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    The classic reckoning is that an ISD's stormtrooper complement is one division or legion; roughly 9,700 men. This number includes officers, support, and other non-combat personnel.

    Also: I'm moving this to the Rebellion Era forum-- it doesn't really belong in C&M.
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