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    I decided that the Corelian YV-929 starship would be perfect for use in my players' game (although I play in NJO Era, the ship was built in Rebellion Era).

    To cut a long story short, they've concocted a scheme, but they need to know how they actualy board the ship.

    Looking at the picture in the link: YV-929 doesn't help.

    Has anyone got ideas on how the Corellians may have designed this?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I would assume that there is probably an entry hatch or cargo elevator on the underside somewhere. Looking at it though, they'd probably have a big fight on their hands to make it into the actual cockpit though, best of luck to them.
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    Well, if they board it while landed they may do okay: it doesn't have a large crew compliment (1 plus 6 passengers). Of course, they would also have to get past spaceport security, in that case...which could be easy enough on certain planets, like Tatooine or other Outer Rim worlds.
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    Hello there!

    Sorry that I am late.

    I have an idea I'd like to share with you. The front section of the YV-929 strongly reminds me to the escape pod sections of Corellian starships of the Old Republic era. For example the Consular-class Cruiser here in the opening scene of "The Phantom Menace".

    Also the Corellian Starshuttle from the ending scene of "The Phantom Menace" has these devices. I remembered one thing from last time I watched the movie. The main hatch goes through the escape pod. It's a combined hatch. Youreach the main ship through the escape pod. Not a bad idea.

    So this would be my solution on how to board your Corellian freighter. Hope it help although having been late, sorryfor that.


    ~ HiAd

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    That's excellent. Thanks.

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