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Thread: WotC is NOT renewing Star Wars license

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    Thus, why I'm inventing my own version of Ahsoka Tano.

    Also Filoni (i think you got the name right), ever since the tv series have been released Filoni had said there would be changes to canon and all started with Anakin having a Padawan.

    However, Filoni doesn't have total freedom. GL on the Daily Show was asked about the fate of Ahsoka and the only thing he said, he couldn't answer, but it would eventually tie in with ROTS. But since GL is known to change his mind so my guess is good as yours.
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    I've said this before, but I think the culprit is that the "Star Wars formula" WILL sell, and the producers know that. NJO was not terribly successful, nor terribly popular. But all of the movies have, as have the books and series associated with the prequels. So why take a risk creating a new storyline, which may end up a flop, when we already have something which is nearly guaranteed to work? And that results in the rehashing of the same characters and especially of the same plotlines over and over again, at the sacrifice of creativity and ingenuity.

    I also appreciate your observation of needing to make things "fit," Moridin. Asoka somehow being involved with the ROTS is a perfect example; she could have had a story all to her own, but instead it sounds like it will tie back into what has already happened. We see this happen a lot in some fictional series (such as The Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, Metal Gear Solid, nearly any Superhero comic, etc.), and it nearly always kills the vastness and richness the universe once had.
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