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Thread: It's too dangerous!

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    Question It's too dangerous!

    I rewatched New Hope on Christmas and noticed something new yet again. Luke makes a run for the landspeeder and Obi -Wan says "It's too dangerous!" Two Mississippis later Luke jumps in and speeds away to the Lars home.

    My question is why didn't Obi-Wan stop Luke? He could have used affect mind, telekinetically picked up the speeder or Burst of Speeded ahead to impede Luke. Instead he just watched.

    I guess it really wasn't that dangerous.

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    Likely he knew that Luke needed to see everything he knew--his aunt and uncle, his farm--destroyed in order to realize he needed to come along. That said, Luke took the news quite well.
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    Na.. it was the typical parent to kid reverse psychology he was employing... tell them to not do something you want them to do.
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