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    Default Hello and a ?

    I completely forgot that I had an account here. I've been into D6 Star Wars ever since the late 80's, and I was a member of AOL's SW-RPG Mailing List for quite some time under the handle Solitaire. After a long hiatus, I signed up with the Forums at the Rancor Pit and have been relatively active there. At the suggestion of one of the other members on the Rancor Pit, I decided to come over here and do some exploring.

    If possible, I'd like to reconnect with any of the old faces from the AOL List. Anyone?

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    Default Welcome

    I don't know of anyone on the AOL list myself, but a lot of us do have various IM handles.

    Wander around, participate, and meet a lot of great people here.

    The Holonet is IMHO one of the very best places on the Innanat.
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