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Thread: Force Unleashed Guide Index

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    Default Force Unleashed Guide Index

    Does anyone else have this book: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide?

    Does your copy have an index, or was this addition to the Saga series put out without one? If your copy does have an index, please tell me what the last page number is just before it so I can know what's missing in mine.

    Because they're out of print, none of my local bookstores have it. So, I can't go in and compare those on a shelf to the one I had to get online.

    Thanks any info!

    EDIT: So (d'uh), I checked the table of contents, and no index is listed there. Yeah, 2+2.... I should have looked, but let my response to the unusual get the better of me. All of the others in the series have indexes.
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    heh heh. Well, at least you figured it out. Who knows what was in their mind for the reason of not including one.
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    Most Saga books didn't have one. You can use the OmegaDex PDF or if you are firefox user, you can use the MegaDex plugin.



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