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Thread: Dawn of the Jedi and Revisioning?

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    Default Dawn of the Jedi and Revisioning?

    I purposefully used a non-word in the title because I've been thinking about historical revisionists lately. So, apologies, and to my thread-starter....

    This past weekend I was doing some research for a new character background in Wookieepedia, and I could not help but notice the impact the Dawn of the Jedi editions could have on what we thought we knew about the history of our beloved quasi-police force/ religious order. For instance, in this entry, there is mention of Padawans making pilgrimages to Vur Tepe to construct their lightsabers:

    Now, we all know that the Je'daii would be using katanas for quite sometime, but for how long? And in what era did Padawans make pilgrimages to Tython to build lightsabers?

    Here we have Odann-Urr with his corded proto-saber, circa 5000-3996 BBY:

    We see these protosabers a little earlier too, but not much earlier:

    Yeah, there's some arguable stuff there, so, by all means, have at it. Does anyone know when the first protosaber was made?

    Yet, look at this cover:,_Part_1

    See the lightsaber?!!

    To be clear, we're talking about this timeline:


    So then, how will Xim, and the Honorable Union of Desevro be handled? Will there be Jedi involved in those conflicts? Because I understand the Jedi became involved in the republic within the above timeline, and thus during the mutual bombardment of Coruscant and Desevro?

    I must clarify, I am not complaining. I just want to know what I can get away with when bringing artifacts into SWRPGs, really. In fact, I think this is an excellent addition to the mythology, if only for the fact that the last time there was a historical installment (Tales of the Jedi) it preceded some major activity in the Lucasfilm studios. So, who knows, maybe that live action TV serial is next.

    Disclaimer: I have not yet had a chance to check out this new project. Let's just say I don't want to pay shipping, and we make once-a-week trips "into town" for our purchases.

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    So you're wanting to know what you use with the recent re-envisioning of the Star Wars timeline?
    That's simple:
    Whatever you want to use!

    I think that's one of the things that's become so annoying with the game of late...all of the changes that keep getting introduced. They're not like that anymore, now they're like this. No, no, that didn't exist then, it existed later. That's now how long this lasted. No, that's not what this war was about.

    Well it is in my game!!!

    Take what you want to use, discard the rest. If you only want the newest, most revised version, discard everything that you ever thought of or was created before. If you want to use the material that you've known for some time, or that exists in some other book that has since been rewritten, then discard the newest revision and just use what you want.

    Heck, you could say that the "historians" were incorrect, and it was just a small collection of Je'daii that made pilgrimages to make lightsabers. You could also say that the technology to create lightsabers was almost lost for a period of several hundred years. But there were Jedi creating the lightsabers since 100,000 years ago, then the lightsaber technology was almost lost, and then it came back around the time of 36,000 years ago or so.

    I say "BAH!" to the "revisioning" of Star Wars (and history).
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    What Grimace said, in spades.

    Mountains of pudu have been written about the SW universe. I have long since given up on trying to keep up with all of it. When I stumble across something I like, I keep it, or more likely adapt it to make it a better fit in my ideal vision of SW. The original movie trilogy is sacrosanct and I will not change that; everything else is only fodder for my own ideas. The only time I research is when I have yet to come up with something on my own and I think I might find something useful from someone else.

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    I don't know that they have said when the first lightsabers were constructed. My way of dealing with it is similar to what Grimace said... in my universe something like 90% of the expanded stuff, even of the prequels, is interpretation of events based on whatever quasi-historical/propaganda/myth the writer happens to have about it. Take what you want and toss the rest. For me Lightsabers have been around for a long time, probably more then 25,000 years. I imagine someday someone at lucasfilm will say "This is when the first lightsaber was built."... and I wont pay attention to that either aside from perhaps a quick reference.

    Personally I hope Xim remains a non-Jedi oriented section of the galaxy/history and have no opinion on Honorable Union of Desevro. Until Lucasfilm proves to me they can manage the universe instead of pulling out a new revision of everything once a year or so (Clone Wars cartoons anyone?) they get no respect from me as far as questions involving the words: what/when/where/why/who/how.

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    Until Lucasfilm proves to me they can manage the universe instead of pulling out a new revision of everything once a year or so
    This is my biggest issue with a lot of the new Star Wars material that comes out; it's all kind of the same, to the point where much of it becomes bland. We see amazing bouts of creativity and ingenuity--I would point to the Timothy Zahn trilogy for an example, which told an excellent story, used minimal recycling of themes, and introduced new material--but they are not common.

    I understand the need for keeping the same Star Wars *feel,* but it seems to me that the many writers and producers have fallen back onto a formula full of iconic motifs which take out much of the opportunity for originality. How many Millennium Falcon-like ships flown by either a protagonist or support character have we seen? How many obligatory Hutts or Wookies? How many times has a young pupil been taken in by an older, more experienced Jedi who really shouldn't be training him or her, followed by the pupil being tempted by the dark side, giving in for a time, but then ending up being good in the end? It's a good story, and one which is exciting the first few times, but quickly becomes predictable.

    There is so much more story and so many more possibilities which could be explored. The galaxy doesn't always need to be about to be destroyed; an ancient evil doesn't always need to be awoken from a long period of obscurity. As a fellow holonetter said recently, "There's much space between the stars."

    The problem is, unfortunately, there is no assurance that anything new would sell, while the tried-and-true formula will and does.

    As to this new installment, I just hope it doesn't end up being another familiar retelling of the same stories. It's dozens of millennia before the films, for goodness sake. It should be pretty darn different from what we are used to seeing.
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