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Thread: Average age of people here?

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    Default Average age of people here?

    It seems that the below con ettiquete thread when i posted the replies in it to that other forum got someone hot an heavy feeling these other sites must be full of no kid having pre adults...
    Now i know from some prior threads, some are in their 40s, and others in their 30s... so what do you all think the ave age is on this site?
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    I could tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya.

    The average age of people still active on this site is in the low to mid 30s. Some are in the upper 20s and others (like myself) are in their 40s. We have a couple of high end and low end types in terms of age, but the "average" is probably right around the low to mid 30s on this site.

    And for the record, I have a kid. He just graduated college.
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    Congratulations on that, Grimace! Way to go, man. And congrats to your son, of course, too!

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    Pretty much what Grimace said, though recently I've noticed more early to mid twenties folks hanging around. I remember when I used to be on the really low end of the spectrum way back in 2003-2004.
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    Upper 20s here, and as a recent upper 20s, it feels weird to say that.

    In my experience on other boards, though, the "overall vibe" of a forum has far less to do with age and far more to do with the internet experience of the top 20% most active members of its user base. I've seen a bunch of kids (13-18) run a completely civilized, witty forum, and I've seen a bunch of "adults" (45-60) run a site with an appalling level of favoritism, double-standard, trolling/flaming, and all the fun stuff that goes along with that. The main trouble is that the "regulars" were hypersensitive folks who likely only visited about 6 sites in a week.
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