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Thread: An Update in 2009! New article added!

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    Lightbulb An Update in 2009! New article added!

    Hello dear fellows,

    although it seems unlikely I am still around and although it seems as unlikely that anyone will read this, it is my duty to report an update at HighAdmiral.De!

    After some investigation and research, I compiled a list of Roleplaying resources (WEG) for Star Wars media, such as novels, short stories and comics.

    Please check the updates box on for the article.

    Thanks for your time and interest,

    yours HiAd

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    Sounds great, Deck! I think a new update, coupled with some of the very helpful posts you've provided related to such things in the last couple weeks, you'll likely have quite an interest in such a thing.

    I'll also be sure the direct of people on other sites who might have such questions about things to your site.

    Thanks for the update!
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    Heya Deck!

    Great to see you are still updating the site! I always dig stopping by and checking it out. Keep up the great work!

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