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Thread: Dead Space in Star Wars?

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    Question Dead Space in Star Wars?

    I recently played my copy of the first Dead Space video game again and I was wondering how one could bring the Necromorphs into the Star Wars setting? I mean they brought zombies into the setting in "Death Troopers" so I'm only curious.
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    Could be some bio-weapons project gone terribly wrong - not necessarily with the same undertone as Death Troopers (not sure if you've read Red Harvest, the prequel to death troopers). There's also the nanite approach. It depends if you want to tie it to the Force, or "science", or another species completely. It's doable, I've gone the nanite way (weapons project gone horribly wrong, nanites mixed with the Miranda-fate from Serenity) in my new FFG swrpg campaign.
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    You could always have the "rogue mad scientist" on a planet somewhere that gets into genetic/biologic tinkering and creates something like a necromorph.

    Or you could have it where the Empire (or remnant, or whatever it is during the time period you play) is working on a weapon and it malfunctions and creates them. That's what we used as a catalyst for the "sludge" in the IAOP rpg game on this site so many years ago.
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    I personally use the science method. If you look at the game KoTOR, there is the Rakghoul disease. I used that as a basis/template for my Saga Edition game. There were somethings I could have done differently, but overall, it turned out well. Probably the worse thing I did was give the Uber regeneration 25-50. They cut him up so much, but he just kept coming. Keep in mind, that most of my necromorphs were beasts and I gave them all damage and/or to-hit bonuses. These bonuses vary depending on the nexromorph itself, but none were usually greater than a +5, unless I really wanted to terrify them.

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