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    Default OOC: Imperial Shadows

    OOC thread for the two players and myself that are involved in this game.

    Recurring NPC's and "known intel" so far:

    Moff Vee Sitgarr

    A former Republic Admiral prior to the Clone Wars and loyal friend of Emperor Palpatine. Moff Sitgarr retired from Active duty to become Moff of Vlakkar Sector on the edge of space between the Mid and Outer Rim Territories. He is the husband of Imperial Agent Lady Evelii Sitgarr, and the father of Kaysa and Kaylee Sitgarr.

    Admiral Tiallo Velsing
    Promoted to the prior post held by Moff Sitgarr by Emperor Palpatine. Works well with his Clone Army counterpart, General Sylus Arning. Commands from a special Imperial-class star destroyer, the Disintegration.

    General Sylus Arning
    Served as a Colonel during the Clone Wars as the commanding officer of an Army Assault Battalion, and one of the first promoted to General after the Jedi betrayed the Republic and the Empire formed from the Republic's ashes. General Sylus is a paradox of an Army officer, in that he gets on well with other officers from other branches of the Imperial Military.

    Vessa Gaisa
    A former CorSec officer, Vessa Gaisa is a civilian in charge of Vlakkor Sector's Intelligence Corps (also called VSIC). He hates the precarious position he is placed in, especially because of Moff Sitgarr's daughters. The Moff's daughters are two of his longest and best agents that served distinctly during the Clone Wars, and so far for the Empire as well.

    Kaysa and Kaylee Sitgarr
    Twin daughters of Moff Sitgarr and Lady Evelii Sitgarr, the two girls were trained in various skills and arts by their mother while their father served around the galaxy. The girls try not to get involved in the fighting part, preferring espionage and intelligence gathering over bloodshed, the two still have scars from the times they weren't so lucky to avoid it.

    Lady Evelii Sitgarr
    Wife of Moff Sitgarr, Imperial Intelligence agent specialized in routing out traitors to the Empire and previously the Republic. She knows her body curves are her best asset and uses them to entice the information she can get, whatever it may be, by those that don't know better than to keep their mouth shut. She has taught these skills to her daughters, only to have them go to the more "dangerous" side of Intelligence, according to their mother. What she does in the name of the Empire does not interfere with her marriage, which her husband understands very well. The two have their secrets and prefer to keep them that way.

    Captain Tivos Hask
    Wing Commander and leading ace of the TIE wing aboard Disintegration, Captain Hask is comfortable in the thick of space combat as he is flying through mountain passes to provide close air support to those with less freedom of maneuver.

    Commander Eldin Fei
    Imperial Intelligence Officer in charge of operation assignments for Vlakkor Sector. Commander Fei issues the operations to operators when enough intelligence has been gained on the targets and how well he knows the teams. Of course, moving up and down on the list can be achieved by "favors", or if you somehow get on his bad side.

    There are others that will be introduced from time to time, but these are the key ones you'll be dealing with frequently.
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