Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm continuing to bring content over from the old database into the new one. I know many of you have noticed the threads popping up in SWRPGnetwork Comments, including new ones for news articles and content from as far back as 2001. This is a necessary and automated part of the process, and one that allows us to retain all of the comments from the old website in the new CMS.

Why copy over old news items? Because I think it's an important part of the site's history. Even if most of the links from those news articles don't work anymore, I think it's important to preserve all of the information that SWRPGNetwork has held over the years, even the obsolete info.

Thanks for your patience during this process! I'll be porting over news a month at a time, and content in chunks here and there. The content takes a lot longer because I'm also taking the opportunity to clean up the formatting of the content, and provide book and page references to Star Wars Saga Edition stats on any item I convert over (thanks to the AWESOME Omegadex). It's a slower process, but I think it makes the site more useful going forward. My ideal scenario is that, once all of the content gets copied over, I can start creating entries in the database for pieces of content that appeared in WEG (and other) books but don't have conversions already on the site, so that our content database also functions as a working, searchable index of every WEG, WotC and (eventually) Fantasy Flight book that comes out.

Thanks again for your patience!