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Huh. I'll be interested to hear from people who participated in the beta how many of the changes that came through in the beta actually get integrated into the game. Because odds are that boxed set was printed in China...and that means those materials went to the printers in china a bare minimum of three months ago, more likely closer to 4 or 5 months ago.
Well, not all the Beta updates made it through to the Beginner Box, particularly those from the last couple weeks of the Beta period, top amongst those being the rules for autofire and vibro-weapon stats.

But probably like a lot of introductory box sets, the rules as given in the EotE Beginner Box will probably be different from the EotE corebook when that hits shelves in a few months.

Admittedly, from what I've seen and heard, the Beginner Box adventure does a pretty good job of getting players and GMs comfortable with the dice pool system (the biggest stumbling block that I've seen so far for folks new to the system).

Personally, I think the pregens are a bit lackluster in most instances, as none of them take advantage of talents offered, possibly not even until the end of the intro adventure.

I had one group that I ran using the pre-gens, and another that I let make their own PCs using the Beta rules. The second group with their own characters had a lot more fun, though a decent portion of that was probably due to having a greater vested interest in their characters as well as a better grasp of what those characters could do, especially as they each had taken a few talents to give their PCs a bit more spice.