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Thread: How long to don or doff armor?

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    Default How long to don or doff armor?

    One of the glaring errors of ommision i feel D6 has had is there are no rules or guidelines for how long it takes to put on or remove armor. Whether a vac suit, or full power armor.

    Since each combat round is 5 seconds, how long do you make it take (# of rounds) to say put on storm trooper armor? A vac suit? A set of power armor??
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    As long as the plot deems is necessary.

    Really, though, I can't see a person putting on something like a Vac suit much quicker than a minute, so you're talking 12 rounds. Heavier suits, or stormtrooper armor with lots of pieces, you're probably looking at 2-3 minutes.

    A person could "hurry" and shave 1/4 of the time off, but would have to make an INT roll to avoid missing something or putting something on incorrectly. In battle, it might not be a bad thing, but for a vac suit, it might be much more important. I'd put the INT roll at Moderate difficulty.
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    The only RPG I've seen with guidelines for this is D&D, which uses the following:
    -Padded, leather, hide, studded leather or chain shirt dons in 1 minutes (hastily in 30 seconds) and removes in 1 minute*
    -Breastplate, scale mail, chain mail, banded mail or splint mail dons in 4 minutes (hastily in 1 minute) and removes in 1 minute*
    -Half plate or full plate requires assistance of at least one person and dons in 4 minutes (same for hasty) and removes in 1D4+1 minutes.

    Armor that is donned hastily loses 1 point of Armor bonus and gains 1 point of Armor Check Penalty.

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