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Thread: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

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    Cool Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

    I've had chance to play the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, and I have to say I am liking it. Okay, it's not up there with D6, but nothing will be for me, but I can still see this becoming my Star Wars go to system for the immediate future.

    I've done a review over on RPG Geek as well as a two part Session Report for anyone interested.


    Escape from Mos Shuuta
    Part 1
    Part 2
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    If anyone's interested in another SW fan's take on the Beginner Box, I posted up a review on the Gamer Security Agency website back in December (I got lucky enough to snag a copy a few days prior to the official street date)...

    Like Sithspawn, I did a two-part blog post recapping my running of Escape from Mos Shutta with a group of six players, all using custom PCs built using the EotE Beta rules, as well as noting a few changes I made along the way (partly as I'd already run most of this group through an EotE adventure I'd converted from Star Wars Gamer a couple months prior). I'll actually be running this same group through FFG's follow-up adventure, Long Arm of the Hutt, with the same characters starting this coming Saturday. LAotH looks beefy enough that I can probably get at least three sessions out of it (one for each Act of the story), which I'll recap on my blog as well.
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    I just received my copy of the Beginner Game, and after a quick skim, I like the quality of this product. Anyone know of any PbP games using the box set?
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    When before I ran for my kid, now I've finally had the chance to run with my regular gaming group. And they finished up Escape From Mos Shuuta in 3 hours plus change. Here's the play report.

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