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Thread: Pushing the bounds of character creation

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    Default Pushing the bounds of character creation

    This got posted up yesterday, and I think it's a decent example of how the character creation rules in the Beta can be used to make a lot more than just "Firefly/Serenity"-esque characters.

    After building this guy, I'm sorely tempted to see what else I can push this system to create in terms of unusual character types. I'm not sure yet if this version of Star Wars will truly enable some to have a non-combat character that's both capable and viable (d20, particularly Saga Edition, really ran into this problem, and D6 had some hiccups on that front as well), but the fact I was able to use the rules pretty much as they were written (at least as of the Final Week Update) to build this little guy gives me some definite hope, as does the fact that the player-character that inspired R2-B08 proved a very useful addition to the party even if he wasn't a huge help during combat.

    With the way that FFG has set-up their droid creation rules, this game might just have the easiest corebook way to build a Droid PC (Saga Edition eventually did get a great version, but that was in Scavenger's Guide to Droids, and was pretty close to the line's end).
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    -It's been about a year since your post-
    I tend to use droids as a walking toolbox when I'm a player. As a GM though, any players that wants to be a droid, tends to also want to be bounty hunter/ IG-88 types. Because of this, I try to create droids for them that are counter to typical assassin builds. For example a cook/ chef droids, cargo/ worker droids (B-1), or medical droids that are trying to get a bounty but need to overcome the "heuristic processor enabling it to find new and increasingly creative ways to work around the “cause no harm to an organic being” restriction that most droids find themselves operating under".
    True an astromech could hire itself out for a bounty hunter but reasonably would find a easier time working a contract on a transport, plus none of my players have yet wanted to be an R2 type.
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