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Suns of Fortune
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    Default Suns of Fortune

    Announcing a Setting Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire

    Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Suns of Fortune, a sourcebook for the Corellian Sector that allows you and your friends to explore the fantastic opportunities and dangers found in the birthplace of Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Discover three new species, exotic weapons, dozens of vehicles, nine modular encounters that Game Masters can use in any Edge of the Empire campaign, and more!
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    Has this been released yet? Any reviews of the sourcebook or the modular adventures inside would be awesome. Thanks!
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    The book is out (as of last Friday), and I must say that while it's not super-heavy on the crunch, there's a lot of really neat background stuff about the Corellian Sector (covering far more planets than just those in the Corellian System). The new crunch is pretty nifty as well.

    I've not had a chance to really sit down and read through the modular encounters, mostly as I've been busy trying to get reasonable hotel arrangements made for GenCon (I was among the many folks that got reamed by their new housing system), but they look promising, and were designed to be picked up and dropped into any setting, though the GM may need to tweak a couple things here and there to account for the location being somewhere other than the Corellian Sector.
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