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Thread: 3D Printer kickstarter

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    Default 3D Printer kickstarter

    So what is the first thing you'd print if you had this?

    It would be a hard choice between a falcon or an x-wing for me.

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    I'm jumping on this late, but I'd want a Rancor done to scale with my other minis.

    Oh, and I'd love to have a couple of AT-PTs to scale with the WotC minis.
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    Interesting thought - my partner has a degree in 3D computer animation, and his strongest skill is making 3D models. He's seriously considering buying a 3D printer to start up a business in printing custom items, which would probably start with our own SW RPG characters. If he were to offer this as a service for others, do you guys think it would be something that would be taken up by others wishing to buy models of their lovingly designed characters? I know there is a line of Star Wars miniatures out there but for myself I can't help but think having my Twi'lek scoundrel made to my personal design with the weapons, pose and outfit of my choosing would be pretty awesome
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