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Thread: Does this combo work as I think?

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    Default Does this combo work as I think?

    One of my players has taken the Improved Battlestrike force technique from The Force Unleashed (pg 88) and the Combat Trance talent from JaTM (pg 21).
    Now, Improved Battlestrike allows you to use the bonus provided by the Battlestrike force power on each attack made as part of a full attack.
    Combat Trance allows you to gain the bonus from Battlestrike on the first melee attack made each round until the end of the encounter, as long as you attack each round.
    Will these two stack? It seems that as long as you attack each round you keep the Battlestrike bonus, and each time you get to make a full attack you get to apply it to each swing.

    Am I reading this right? It just seems a little powerful, but, then, this is our first time playing at level 10.

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    I'm not familiar with the specific mechanics, but if you typed them out verbatim, or close to it, I don't see any language in those descriptions that suggests stacking.

    Each one allows you to apply a bonus in different situations, that isn't the same as having it apply multiple times over.
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    The effects would stack, but not the actual bonus.

    So the PC would only get the +1 insight bonus to hit on each swing.

    Given that you're investing a Force Technique in this (of which a PC will tend to get five at most) and really requires a fairly specific build (since multiple-attacks themselves take significant investment to be worth it), I certainly don't see it as being any type of gamebreaker.
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