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To those who still come here...
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Thread: To those who still come here...

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    Default To those who still come here...

    May the Fourth be with you.
    Malkarris from Mattimeo by Brian Jaques
    42, the answer
    I wonít fight you Atton.
    I donít care, I just want you to die.
    (Disciple and Atton KOTOR2)

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    And to you!

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    Man, you can practically hear the echo as you roam this site. If anybody comes along and stumbles across this, I just wanted to announce the launch of my new website, which is still undergoing construction, but it is live. The url is http://www.sw-raf-campaign.com/
    IAOP & NNTBS : Criss "KnightStalker" Staven, Lynnori Staven, Misfit AI (droid body and Starbound Misfit II ship body)
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    Cool! I don't have a website but I might repost the game recaps from Facebook.
    From the January 30th session:

    A highly successful session where our characters were aboard a passenger transport traveling incognito, en route to a planet in the Expanse region to investigate a possible Jedi relic requested by a mysterious character.

    However, Ai, the bounty hunter had been followed by a pair of pirates who wanted to capture her by disabling the ship. LGN also known as Legion, the droid bounty hunter, identified the suspicious humans but failed to stop them. The group split trying to find out the purpose of the Pirates. When they were discovered they rushed their plan and tried to sabotage the ship, however the bomb exploded near the hyperdrive causing a major rift in the ship after reverting to real space. Enfe, a Rodian medic that traveled in the ship, tried to rescue the passengers on the side of the ship that was about to separate.

    When the ship broke in two, the engines and hyperdrive exploded leaving the main body intact but unable to move. Salvation was found when an unknown planet was discovered nearby and all passengers and crew used the escape pods to land.

    With the help of Hanckoc, the survivalist, a cave system was used as a shelter and the passengers and crew were safe. Legion constructed a communicator but found no traces of civilization on the planet, except for a faint signal that repeated itself over and over.

    After constructing a makeshift speeder, the party traveled to the location of the signal. A group of felines ambushed the group and a battle ensued. Using the speeder for cover, they battled fiercely against the beasts, and while Kenom, the Twi'lek thief, avoided their dangerous attacks, the brave droid was knocked down and Ai injured.

    Without direction, they sought shelter and cured their wounds partially. After a couple of days, the resumed the trip and found the source of the signal atop a huge mountain, but when they were approaching, multiple encampments were discovered on the base of the mountain, fires alight to spot for intruders. To be continued...


    Mario A. Escamilla (aka Kerk Korpil, Verpine Starship Mechanic)

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