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Thread: EPVII Leaks, images and info

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    Default EPVII Leaks, images and info

    We donít have a thread up (that Iíve seen) for discussion about Ep VII so, with the leaking of some images, I thought it best to create one.

    First up, the leaded images. 45 of them, though I havenít had chance to check all yet.
    A big creature and what Iím guessing is Tatooine.


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    I'm not sure what's up with the Gammorrean Mostrosity there.

    The sign on the fence once decrypted from the Aruebesh seems to read (in English) "warning 291071".
    Any Lucas significance to October 29, 1971?
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    I honestly wonder what charges can be applied to those who leak stuff like this.
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