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Thread: D6 online.

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    Default D6 online.

    It's been a very long time since I played or ran Star Wars D6 (not counting a 2 hour game for my 9 year old son). So long in fact the I didn't know that west end games was no more.
    I have recently thought about starting a game online using Skype or Google but not having done anything like this before I'm unsure how it would work. Does. Anyone play D6 over the net (do any of you play it at all) if you do how do you organise it and what apps are available to help, such as dice rollers etc.
    have you any experiences to share that would give me an idea about what to expect?

    I am so glad to find this forum still exists, its a brilliant place!
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    If you trust everyone to be honest about their dice rolls, operating on a forum would work.

    At one time, some friends that moved out of town talked with me about setting up a game over an IRC channel, coding a simple dice roller into an mIRC client to where someone could announce to the channel a command like !roll 5d and the script would then display the results to the entire room (like "Total: 21. Individual results: 5, 4, 1, 6, 5(wild).").

    Ultimately we never got around to it because other things got in the way, but it's still a feasible option.

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    You can also do a search for Online Dice Roller or Online RPG Dice Roller. There's at least one I recall that would email the result (presumably to the GM). It's been my experience that players usually roll their own dice better than an online system that uses a bell-curve pseudorandom generator.

    If you plan on Skype & everyone has a camera, simply rolling the dice in view of the cam (roll dice, then lift & tilt result toward the cam) might work, but could get time-consuming for large dice pools.
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    Don from the Shooting Womprats podcast (as far as I can tell, the only Star Wars D6 podcast), has run quite a few. He's usually on the rancorpit forums as well as the Star Wars D6 G+ community

    I'm pretty sure he uses Roll 20, but I can ask him.
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    Hey! Tannik Tulo! It's been a while!

    About 10 years ago, the SWAG crew then played on IRC with a Dicebot to help with the dice rolling.

    But these days roll20 is the way to go/

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