It's been a solid half decade since I played Star Wars RPG anything. I'm reading through all my old books (still got 'em, had to make a trip to pick them up) and trying to remember all of the house rules I liked and then applying a solid 15 more years of life experience to them and trying to figure out if they're still good.

Anyone want to try helping jump start my memory on this stuff?

I just got done running a 3 year Heaven's Reach (Exalted space opera) game where I basically made everything up as I went along. I'm refreshing my general Star Wars knowledge and while I told my players to expect everything up until the point I throw them into the mix just after the Battle of Yavin to resemble what they know about Star Wars, I fully expect I will be allowing them to meddle however they like. But the idea of being able to fall back on existing material seems really pleasant by comparison to having to make most of everything up on the fly.