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Thread: Suitable ship for an Imperial Inquisitor

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    Default Suitable ship for an Imperial Inquisitor

    Just spitballin' some potential campaign ideas, one of which involves an Imperial Inquisitor being an opponent for the PCs.

    What sort of ship would you regard as suitable for a low-level Inquisitor? What sort of crew might they command?

    I keep thinking of them as like unto minor crime lords, for some reason, with a crew of 5-6 trusted lieutenants (the role, not the rank), and then a bunch of stormtrooper mooks. But does this mean something like a Gozanti-class cruiser, or a light cruiser like the Raider-class? I mean, I imagine they can commandeer whatever resources they want, but I'm kinda overwhelmed with options and having trouble making up my mind.
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    I see inquisitors as being on something big and intimidating. So for a rise of the empire time, a vic 1 should be sufficient. Maybe a rendil star drive dreadnought.
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    I suppose, to the Imperial mind, there's no such thing as "overkill," eh? :-)
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    For a game, the Inquisitor should have marginally superior equipment and resources, such that the PC's don't simply turn tail and "run away! run away!' every time the Inquisitor shows up.

    Unless that's what you want them to do...

    Considering the level of effort and planning Palpatine put into Order 66, I would realistically (heh) expect Inquisitors to have their own ImpStars, with Expert or Elite crews and fighter pilots. For an RPG, though, that might be considerable overkill.
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    Well one way you can have both is to spread it out, like in the Rebels show. Think about this, your PCs are probably standard with a light freighter or a couple of fighters or something. They don't have much, but they are nimble. They can grab all their stuff and go in minutes.

    Now your Inquisitor probably does have an Impstar and fighter crews and AT-ATs and the whole nine yards. If the PCs ever sat still for long enough, he could crush them, but think of how much time it would take to just get one Impstar going. Plus, he probably doesn't have any leads solid enough to justify pulling the Impstar out of a central position. So he grabs a shuttle, or some hyper capable fighters or something and hunts them down. So he's not going to bring everything unless he is sure that he can catch them with it.

    But here is how you make it all add up. In the first encounter, the PCs shoot some stormtroopers of his, and they're a little bit tougher than average, but they got them. Next encounter, there's more stormtroopers. Maybe next one after that he brings a LAV or an AT-ST. Maybe the next time brings some TIEs. And after a bit, your PCs will realize that they may manage to kill all of his forces, but he always has more. And what about the PCs? How is their shop holding up from that last near miss? How much blaster gas do they have left? Will the Wookiee manage to be healed in time for the next fight? The PCs may manage to pick up everything they have in five minutes and get out of there, but the Inquisitor will always have more on the way.

    I hope that helps.
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