So, I have been thinking that getting back into the game would be a good distraction for me right now. For those interested, I'm going to be recruiting for a one off campaign/adventure based on one of my favorite metal songs of all time. The game is based on the song "Trumpets of Jericho" by Bruce Dickinson and the premise for the game is this: The planet Avalor has come under siege by the Separatists. The Governor of Avalor, located within the planet's capital Jericho, has called for assistance defending the city until Republic forces can be dispatched to relieve the siege. Possible characters: Mercenaries, Jedi Master/Apprentice combination, Militia soldiers that were trained to defend the city, Smugglers either to be "In it for the money" or to provide a supply line to the outside galaxy or funnel in reinforcements, Emissary, and so on. I wish I was more fluent and had more of the books for the FF system, but I don't and I'm not, so going with SAGA edition for now. Not that I expect much in the way of traffic is still within the boards, but doesn't hurt to check.