I have pretty mixed feelings about the sequel trilogy.
I thoroughly enjoyed them while watching them, and the glow lasted for a few days after each...but on reflection I couldn’t help finding things I didn’t like, things I wish they’d done differently.
I wish they’d figured out the plot for the trilogy before starting it, frankly. With something so important as a Star Wars trilogy set to follow the beloved Original Trilogy, why would you not plan it out in minute detail so you don’t mess it up?

Some thoughts on the whole trilogy:
I disliked that, in the sequel trilogy, they had ships jumping to hyperspace and decanting from it while in planetary atmospheres. Or inside other ships. Just...no.

Some more originality in the planets would have been nice. We got another desert planet (or two: Jakku and Pasaana), Crait might have been salt but it was Hoth-by-another-name to me. I love SW concept art and know there are wondrous ideas that artists have come up with for exciting locales, but we got such familiar sights.

Frankly, I think I would have preferred it if they simply hadn’t made the sequel trilogy. In Episode 6 Vader killed the Emperor, saving his son and redeeming himself. Story complete.
If we really needed post Endor stories, I’d have liked to have seen the Thrawn Trilogy adapted.

Well, for the sake of discussion, here are my thoughts on the movies:

The Force Awakens

Not so much a problem with this movie alone, but the whole character of Snoke. I could have bought him if he’d been given some more background in TFA and TLJ. If Leia and/or Luke had spoken a bit about where he’d come from. Some lines about the Alliance/New Republic having fought the fracturing Empire, warlords and the like, and Snoke having united the fragments, etc.

I’d have preferred Luke to come in part way through TFA, so we get more of him, more about the Academy.

We didn’t need that Han and Chewie had lost the Falcon.

I’d have preferred that Fin was Imperial Army, not a Stormtrooper. I can’t swallow that a Stormie got all shocked and defected on his first mission. If there’d been some explanation that the First Order was soooooo desperate for troops that they were inducting anyone they can get...meh, no. I still don’t think I’d buy it.

I didn’t like that the capital had been moved from Coruscant, and the new one got wiped out without us actually seeing it. I felt nothing beyond “Oh well, they’ve still got Coruscant to use again then.”

I didn’t like that there was the New Republic, the First Order and the Resistance. Just have the goodies as NR military, still fighting the war.

I wanted to see the Knights of Ren kicking butt from the start.

Phasma should have been the one fighting Fin on Takodana, not TR-8R (as he became known). It would have build up more of a rivalry between Phasma and Fin (have her soundly kick his rear, setting up his revenge in Ep.8).

Some explanation about how Maz got that lightsaber would’ve been nice!

What did I like...the New X-wings were cool.

I liked Kylo...not loved, but liked. His slaying Han was good

That's my random list of thoughts!