I have pretty mixed feelings about the sequel trilogy.
I thoroughly enjoyed them while watching them, and the glow lasted for a few days after each...but on reflection I couldn’t help finding things I didn’t like, things I wish they’d done differently.
I wish they’d figured out the plot for the trilogy before starting it, frankly. With something so important as a Star Wars trilogy set to follow the beloved Original Trilogy, why would you not plan it out in minute detail so you don’t mess it up?

Some thoughts on the whole trilogy:
I disliked that, in the sequel trilogy, they had ships jumping to hyperspace and decanting from it while in planetary atmospheres. Or inside other ships. Just...no.

Some more originality in the planets would have been nice. We got another desert planet (or two: Jakku and Pasaana), Crait might have been salt but it was Hoth-by-another-name to me. I love SW concept art and know there are wondrous ideas that artists have come up with for exciting locales, but we got such familiar sights.

Frankly, I think I would have preferred it if they simply hadn’t made the sequel trilogy. In Episode 6 Vader killed the Emperor, saving his son and redeeming himself. Story complete.
If we really needed post Endor stories, I’d have liked to have seen the Thrawn Trilogy adapted.

Well, for the sake of discussion, here are my thoughts on the movies:

The Rise of Skywalker
I hated Dark Empire. I’ll say that for starters. Bringing back Palpatine in those comics lessened Anakin’s sacrifice, in my opinion. So when RoS opened with him back, I was rather disappointed. I did think RoS did it better than Dark Empire, which was a bit of a relief, but still... Then again, if Palpatine hadn’t been back, who/what would have been the Big Bad?

Good to see Richard E Grant in SW, but like most characters I wanted to see him introduced in Ep.7 or 8, not suddenly appearing in 9. He could have been introduced in 7 or 8, with hints of him having loyalty to something hidden other than the First Order, foreshadowing the Final Order.

Having the Knights of Ren in 7 and 8 would have made them fighting Kylo far more important. And at least one of them could have had some Force powers, no?

Again, the Jedi Hunter Ochi (who killed Rey’s parents) was a forgettable plot device. As was the Sith Dagger. Couldn’t this have been someone we’ve already seen or at least heard of? One of the Knights of Ren (Kylo’s right hand knight, for example)? Vader, even??

The final big show down on Exegol was alright.
I think we’ve all heard about the original version of Rey versus Palpatine, with all the Jedi ghost around her. That I wanted to see.

Just had a thought:
Vader died, redeeming himself, to save Luke.
How about if we’d had Luke die fighting Palpatine, to save Rey and save/redeem Kylo/Ben?
I didn't like Luke having `given up` in Ep.8 but if he'd had some kind of shake to his faith, this would have been a good `Rise of Skywalker` with regard to him and Ben.