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Thread: Mandalorian stats for IG-11 **Possible Spoilers**

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    Lightbulb Mandalorian stats for IG-11 **Possible Spoilers**


    Type: Holowan Mechanicals IG Series Assassin Droid
    Cost: Not for sale
    Size: 2 meters tall
    Move: 10

    Blaster 6D+2
    Grenade 4D+2
    Dodge 4D
    Vehicle Blasters 4D+1

    Languages 4D+2
    Planetary Systems 3D+1
    Value 3D
    Intimidation 3D

    (Added programming: Culinary Arts 4D, Home Economics 4D+1)

    Repulsorlift Operation 4D
    Sensors 3D
    Swoop Operation 4D+1

    Search 6D
    Search: Tracking 7D
    Investigation 4D+2

    (Added programming: Household Appliance Operation 4D+2, Beast Handling 5D)

    Brawling 5D
    Lifting 5D

    (Added programming: Cleaning 4D+2)

    Demolitions 3D
    Armor Repair 3D+2
    Blaster Repair 4D

    (Added programming: First Aid 4D, Security 4D+1)

    Humanoid body (2 arms, 2 legs, head)
    Vocabulator system
    Movement Sensor/Targeting Array (allows simultaneous targeting of up to 6 targets out to 30m)
    360 degree Visual Sensors (+1D to Search)
    Armored substrate (+2D to damage resistance)
    Plasma Torch (5D cutting ability)
    Built-in, non-removable Thermal Detonator Self Destruct Mechanism (10D damage 10m range)
    (Added hardware: Bacta Hypo Spray: +2D to First Aid)

    Power pack bandolier
    E-11 Blaster Rifle: 5D
    DLT-20A "Longblaster" Rifle: 5D+1

    IG-11 was initially created and programmed as a Security Droid, but when its owner wound up being terminated while aboard a luxury star yacht, it found itself without owner and on its own. It assessed its programming and decided to become a bounty hunter. Due to its reputation as an "assassin" droid, it was accepted into the Bounty Hunter's Guild.

    IG-11 took only jobs that did not require it to bring in the bounty alive. It relied on its programming to shoot its way to a target, and then terminate the target. However it often found itself contending with living bounty hunters that were vying for the same target. Often the humanoid bounty hunters beat it to its target and took the bounty. So IG-11 never really achieved the recognition of other IG Series bounty hunters.

    IG-11 was on another job, this one for a highly dangerous target, when it tracked the target to the planet Arvala-7. The target was in a compound with multiple armed combatants providing security for the target. As IG-11 approached, he assessed the targets and demanded the release of the asset, but the combatants resisted. IG-11 began to terminate all threats. During this time, IG-11 encountered another bounty hunter, a humanoid in Mandalorian armor. The other hunter negotiated a partnership for the bounty, which IG-11 accepted. The battle continued but the bounty hunters were successful at terminating all threats. The target was found and IG-11 was about to fulfill the contract with functions ceased....


    IG-11 became aware and learned it was under the ownership and tutelage of a humanoid known as Kuiil. Systems were damaged and sub-routines were malfunctioning. IG-11 attempted system re-routes, but found that there were no backup systems to operate from. IG-11 was trained by its owner, and new systems were installed onto his operational network, along with some added hardware.

    IG-11 was re-designated as a Nurse droid, and its duties were to attend to its owner and to upkeep the homestead while the owner was away on work duties. It learned to prepare meals, tend to the home, and attend the beasts the owner kept. During this time, IG-11 found it had combat-related sub-routines imbedded on its central wiring harness. Its owner told IG-11 that was once a combat droid, but now it was a nurse droid with primary programming of nursing duties and secondary programming of protective duties. IG-11 understood and accepted its duties. It would protect its owner and other charges as assigned. IG-11 carried out its duties to the best of its abilities.

    Then came the day when off-world visitors arrived. The visitors acted as though they were threatened by IG-11. It did not visually recognize the humanoids, but gave assurances it was not a threat to them. It offered drink to ease the situation.

    Shortly after the visit, IG-11 learned that it would be accompanying its owner while they went on a trip aboard a starship. Additionally, it learned it was being charged to nurse and protect a small humanoid child. Kuiil informed IG-11 to protect the child and the others who travelled with its owner.

    They all travelled to the planet Nevarro, where IG-11 was instructed to wait aboard the ship while the other set off on a mission while riding on the beasts. IG-11 waited aboard the ship with nothing to attend to, since all of the humanoids had left with its owner, and the child had been taken along with them. They had all ridden on the beasts that had accompanied them aboard ship. Instead, IG-11 probed its memory systems and discovered it could access its combat systems, but it would only use those systems for protection of its charges.

    Then it's sensors picked up blaster fire outside the ship and the sound of repulsorlift craft. IG-11 left the ship to investigate and found its owner had been terminated, along with one of the riding beasts. The child, however, was missing. IG-11 knew that it had to find the child, so it accessed its tracking systems and located the speeders. The child was in the custody of two armored humanoids on speeder bikes. They would not relinquish the child, so IG-11 forcefully took possession of the child by terminating the armored resistance.

    When the other humanoids contacted it, asking for its owner, IG-11 informed them of its owner's termination. It knew that even though its owner was terminated, it had been charged with the protection and care of the child and the other humanoids. It would utilize a commandeered speeder bike to reach them and protect them.

    IG-11 set off to perform his duties of protection....
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    Thanks for posting these too!
    IG-11 was great, particularly in his final chapter of course!

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