Kuill is over 200 years old, per human standards, and has served many of those years in indentured servitude of various unpleasant groups.
Earlier in his life, Kuill was enslaved by the Empire, and served many years with them working as a machinist and equipment repairer at an Imperial Mining facility. He performed repairs on various machines and hauling equipment. He even had his hand in repairing and modifying some of the mining droids the Empire used in place of slave labor on planets too dangerous for most living beings.

Then came the fateful day when he was transferred (given) to a shipbuilding Syndicate sympathetic to the Empire. The "owner" of the Syndicate was a mean human, but was at least fair in business dealings. During an Ugnaught work-stoppage, Kuill was elected by the other Ugnaughts to act as their mediator with the Syndicate. Since he could speak the human language so easily, they figure he would be the best as negotiating. He did manage to reach an agreement with the Syndicate and the owner which was suitable to get the Ugnaughts back to work. The deal was for the Ugnaughts to be able to effectively "buy" their freedom upon completion of a requisite number of years of work and for building beneficial items for the Syndicate.

It took Kuill many more years, but he was able to eventually purchase his own freedom from the Syndicate. When he accomplished that feat, he told others he worked with that they could all earn their freedom, and he was proof of it. He had spoken, and others listened.

Now, alone and free, Kuill made his way across the galaxy to a remote world known as Arvala-7. It was a peaceful world, arid, sparsely populated, and quiet. He was at peace.

Kuill took to becoming a Blergg herder, and learned to ride the local beasts of the area. He used the beasts to help him around his moisture farm. With the excess water her produced, he sold to the few other residents in his area. He acquired money, which he in turn used to purchase necessary supplies. What supplies he couldn't purchase, he learned to trade and negotiate with the Jawa tribes that roamed the area.

Then, for some reason, more aliens came to the planet. Most who arrived were not pleasant types. Trouble came with them. He mostly stayed well away from the newcomers, but that only helped for a while. Then the bounty hunters began to arrive. They came through his ranch and he would help them. Some took his help and barely offered anything. Others would offer payment, but he had no need, as he already had all the money he needed to acquire his supplies. He would decline payment, and if they persisted, he would tell them the same thing as he had told his kinsfolk when he left them those few years back: I do not require your payment. I will help you in hopes you will return this valley to the peaceful place it once was. I have spoken." It stopped most argument when he phrased it that way, so he kept that in use for each new bounty hunter that came through. Sadly, none of those bounty hunters had the ability to remedy the problems that had come to his planet and disrupted his peace.

That is, until that Mandalorian arrived.....

Common quote: "I have spoken"

Type: Ugnaught Craftsman
Dexterity: 1D+2
Dodge 2D
Knowledge: 2D
Languages 4D+1
Planetary Systems 3D
Value 2D+2
Survival 4D
Mechanical: 2D
Beast Riding 4D+2
Willpower 5D
Perception: 2D
Bargain 3D
Persuasion 3D
Search 4D+1
Technical: 3D
Droid Programming 4D
Droid Repair 4D+1
Space Transports Repair 6D
Starship Repair 4D
Repulsorlift Repair 5D
Equipment Engineering (A) 4D

Move: 10
Equipment: Backpack/Saddlepack with tools, leather cap with welding goggles, comlink