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Thread: The Mandalorian (S2, spoilers aplenty)

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    Default The Mandalorian (S2, spoilers aplenty)

    As of today weíve had three episodes of series 2.

    What do you think of it?

    I loved the first episode. The Kraut Dragon was excellent, a true monster. And I love every time the Sand People get more screen time, more depth.
    Do you think that was Fett at the end? I know some other people have suggested Rex.

    I know the second episode had a lot of people complaining about the Child eating the frogwomanís eggs. I found the spiders more disturbing! When I watch it with my son Iíll be skipping that episode, I think.

    I didnít feel like the third (ĎThe Heiressí) was short, though people have complained (I really should stay off Twitter. Tired of the negativity). I thought it was great and moved things on nicely. Good to see another group of Mandos in (and Bo from the Clone Wars).

    How soon until we actually get Asoka? I donít think it will happen for a couple of episodes yet.
    And how is she going to react? I canít see her simply taking the Child off Din and thatís it. Will she refuse it?

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    Neither my wife nor I were disturbed at all over the 2nd episode. Even with The Child eating the eggs didn't bother my wife, and I mentioned the issue some people were having with the episode and she rolled her eyes at the anger over it. The first episode has been the best so far, though #3 was entertaining with the Imperials.

    I think an episode "feels" short because the pacing is just right and time flies without people realizing it. I felt this way with a couple of the episodes in the first season.

    If I were a betting fool, I would bet Asoka will NOT take The Child. She will suggest where to take it, but will not do it herself. She's "in hiding" and with the nature of that, as evidenced by what the Mandalorian has experienced, that's not something to do while toting around an "infant".
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