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    Hi all.
    My (8yr old) son's a big fan of the Clone Wars series and, as I still have my D6 books, I'm considering running a game for him - a one-shot but potentially making it a campaign. Likely starting with him as an ARC trooper or something like that.
    Now, I could homebrew stats for the CIS forces and other Ep1~3 era stuff, but I'm sure there must be fan-made sourcebooks out there. What do you recommend?

    Also, what suggestions do you have for plots/missions and the like?

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    Sounds like, with a one-shot, you need to have him be in charge of a couple of troopers, with a mission to maybe rescue a Padawan or something. As far as fan-made stuff, there is a D6 conversion of The Clone Wars available. It's just a conversion of the Saga edition "The Clone Wars Campaign Guide", so if you want the fluff, you'd need to have that book too. But for the D6 stats, it's got the races, the ships, the vehicles, the droids, some equipment in it. But no fluff or anything in terms of setting. I don't know of any others, but a search online might turn something up. I just don't have a real strong interest in the Clone Wars, so I don't search it out much.
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