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    Default Hmmmmmm........

    Is it all right to post in this forum?

    I just wanna RP, but I need to know what system you people use...
    Do you just narrate, or have you got a system for deciding combat?
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    Ummm??? Sorry to sound rude man, but what exactly are you talking about??
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    Yes, you can post to this forum, but not to roleplay. We use this forum to discuss things pertaining to the SW RPG. If you want to roleplay, you can go to the roleplaying forum. I don't roleplay on the boards here, so I can't give you any details, but I'm sure there are some friendly people over in the roleplaying forum who can help you out!

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    I believe he is refering to our fine selection of RPGs offered over in the RPG section. While I cann't speak for the two new RPGs that have come up I can say that No Need to be Sober and ththreads in the RPG e Order of the SPork are both nartive. With NNTBS its all about be wacky, so the funnier and the more insane the better. OOTS is pretty much standard fair online rpg when it comes to combat. If you have anyother question might I suggest the Out Of Character (OOC) threads in the RPG section or C&M.
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    Like Lokar says, check out the Roleplay forum, and if you really get stuck as Akryd, the moderator of that forum. I'm sure he'll be able to help you out.

    I'm going to close this thread to prevent all sorts of people using it for propaganda purposes....
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