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Thread: Comments on Zabrak (Conversions)

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    Default Comments on Zabrak (Conversions)

    This thread is for comments on the entry entitled "Zabrak" located on Conversions. Please post your comment on this entry below using the "Post Thread" button; you may also post a comment via a link from the entry itself.

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    Default D20 conversion?

    Is there a D20 version o fthe Zabrak yet?
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    The Zabrak are in Alien Anthology. If you look at the bottom of the descriptive text in any Conversions item, you'll find the source of the original version, i.e., "NOTE: See the Alien Anthology for d20 stats."
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    Our squad got the mutant of the litter, judging by this... He's a pyromaniac. Though I will agree, once he's made up his mind to torch something (or someone), there's no stopping him.

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