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    Default Imperial Bounties

    In my group, I have three non-humans and three humans. They all joined the Rebellion recently, and they are considered criminals at large by the Empire. Three of the characters are suspected Force-users (they are), and one of them is wanted for murdering an Imperial General (he was framed, the General was his brother, and it's set up to look like a regal coup). The other two are wanted for simply being known associates of the previously mentioned characters. My question is this; what's a reasonable bounty amount to set for them individually? Does it matter if they're non-human or not?
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    Assuming they are known members of the alliance.

    I would go with 5,000 to 10,000 for the two "non-murders."

    For the other, seeing as how it was a general, probably 25,000 to 40,000. This way you could concivable have well known bounty hunters after them as well as the regular scum of the earth.

    Non-human Vs human, probably only has a little effect, but there may be humans out there who are particularly anti-alien and target them specificaly.

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    I tend to agree with the price about 20-25K, except if its known or suspected that they are force users. Then mosty likely there wont even be a bounty on them, but rather imperial spec ops, Imperial Inquisitors, and maybe some Hands.

    So they better watch out.
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    bounties are posted on force users. Luke had a hefty bounty on his head.. mind you in his case it specified for a live capture

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    20-25k for normal people and 45-50k for force users.
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    Don't forget an additional 25,000 per person if they carry a lightsabre.
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