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Thread: Someone who wanted to be a non-Jedi

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    Default Someone who wanted to be a non-Jedi

    Alright, I have this campaign that I am supposed to be running. It has 4 players, all but one want to be a Jedi. That one wants to be a fringer. I had planned on tons of Jedi vs. Dark Siders in the campaign, and the Fringer would be left out. What should I do with him? I would just say no he can't play, but then I would be a bastard and I don't want to come off that way. Also we are using most of his stuff to run the campaign successfully.
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    I'd just make sure to find a way to connect him to the overall story you want to tell. Maybe he's not Force Sensitive, but that doesn't mean he can't hate the Dark Side for one reason or another.

    Honestly I'd ask him how he envisions the character, and why he of all people would want to hang with the jedi in the group. If he can answer that, you know what you need to do to make it seem less artificial.
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    Here's a wacky idea: allow the Fringer PC to take the Vergeance in the Force special quality and revolve the campaign around him instead of the Jedi PCs. Perhaps they are assigned to protect this Force Nexus since an obscure prophecy says he will accomplish some awesome feat (even though he isn't a Jedi!) Thus, the Dark Jedi want to compromise or eliminate him.

    Just a thought...
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    ooohhhh.... what squirrely idea Rigil! wish i thought of it.

    your fringer can be from a primitive world... like medieval or post industrial... maybe a chimney sweep! (chim chiminy... eeek! sorry darth sidious, it won't happen again)

    at any rate, having your fringer 'abducted' by 'aliens' would work great and plays off the entire UFO phenomena of our real world. or you can check out the "hitchhiker's guide" series for another view of a 'abduction' by aliens.

    Someone so 'weak' but destined to perform some great thing in the end. Shame all my players are force users already (kicks stone).
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    Perhaps the Fringer was the Jedi Master old friend, and even though the Fringer appears only young, he could be close to 100 years old. Reason being is the Fringer was once a powerful Jedi Master who was blocked from the force and perhaps even lost his memory...perhaps its gone forever or maybe he blocked himself because he got too close to the darkside (Didnt Kyle Katarn use the Valley of the Jedi to do this?)
    So maybe the fringer wants to set himself up as bait for the Dark jedi to show themselves and reveal how they blocked him from the force, or perhaps theyre unaware and want Information from the Fringer that now is forgotten...Or perhaps he remembers his knlowedge: jedi lore, and is instructing the other Jedi as their master. (The most important knowledge a Jedi master teaches is that which allows jedi to coexist in harmony. A jedi must learn to feel what it is like for those that are not force sensitive to better understand other races and species) etc etc

    Might be a few ideas there

    Also The Fringer maybe a distant cousin of one of the Jedi, he may even be working for the Sith...(players very rarely sense motive their fellow players ). Or even depending what period your set in he may wish to become a Soldier of trhe Republic (Rocket Pack Soldier etc) Remember that Fringer is only a Fringer out of Circumstance, People who seek out the Fringe are most likely Scouts.
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