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    I'm wondering if there is a place where people submit and download adventures. I don't get to play a lot but have some ideas for adventures if only I can find out where and what people are looking for.
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    Well, if you are looking for a place on the Holonet, probably one of the best places to put adventures up, and ask for ideas, is the Gamemaster Forum. Other than that, there really isn't a place on the Holonet that is specifically designed to submitting and downloading adventures.

    Over on the SWRPGNetwork, there is an area known as "Submissions" where adventures could be submitted, but I believe that such submissions must be in both systems (something you wouldn't have to worry about if you are just proposing ideas for adventures) if there are stats involved.

    Finally, the Online Journal is coming back, and I'm sure that they'll need some good adventures and other things pretty soon. You might go down to the Online Journal forum and check there if you'd like to contribute there.

    So, as far as the Holonet goes, the Gamemaster Forum would probably be your best bet.
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    Besides, if you asked nicely, i'm sure someone out there would convert your adventure so both d6 and d20 were covered. Hell, I'd be prepared to do it along with many others...

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