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Thread: GM helper's pak. Anyone else think its a good idea?

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    Default GM helper's pak. Anyone else think its a good idea?

    I was wondering if the posters of Holonet would generally be interested in some sort of GM's helper pak filled with generic non-system specific (or one for D6 and one for d20) ideas to help spark the noggin of a GM. The only thread i have right now is the 1001 ways to be an evil GM but if people are interested i was going to start with 1001 generic plot hooks as well. If anyone has any other ideas please post them. If successful i will make all the ideas into a text files and zip them for download on some geocities type site.
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    Default Plot Hooks

    I think the simplest campaign to run is to give the character a commanding officer. Whether this is the Jedi Council or a Republic (or New Republic) military officer or anyone, I think that makes things so much simpler. Instead of having to trick, convince, dupe or entice your characters with a plot hook, they are simply ordered to do something.

    Sure, it's not as fun as drawing a reluctant character into a difficult situation. But I think that's something for a GM with a little mor experience.

    Another fun plot hook is to have a vulnerable character (a roughed up woman, non-violent man, small child, wounded ewok, you pick) come and ask the players for help. A classic example is "Adventure on Ord Mantrell", on the official wizards of the coast SWRPG page.

    Anyway, those are just a few of the simplest, and most generic.

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    Actually with all the great GM reference sheets and such floating about thanks to many generous holonet folk, and other GM helpfuls, I was thinking perhaps SWRPGNetwork could put all these impromptu "submissions" together to form somekind of dowloadable GM "Snack Pak" or Helper's pack as you described. I know I've picked a few apples here and there and I find them terribly useful for game play.

    Would be very stellar to have them put together by someone and easy to download for the aspiring Star Wars GM.

    Sorry a bit off topic but it's what I thought of when I read the title
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