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Thread: looking for on line d20 group

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    Default looking for on line d20 group

    HI I am looking for a on-line group to play starwars d20 with. I have been playing rpg's since I was 8 and am now 24. I have DM (GM) for most of that time but most of my players have moved away. (I still have a reguler group I GM in a starwars game but it is just me and my 2 brothers when ever we can get together.) I am looking to join a group (not GM) but I have never played a rpg like this online (I do play evercrack but that is just bearly a rpg). I have a cable modem so I have almost no lag and i can play almost anyday 8-11:30pm NY time (GMT-500) and more on friday and satday as I have no work the next day. If you are not running a group but know where to help me find one please tell me.

    P.S. The reason I do not look for a real group is that I have 1 kid and another on the way and I am scared to let someone I do not know into my house if I do not know them well before time. Living in New York you have to be careful.
    Thank You

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    Hi. I am in the process of beginning an online game through mIRC. It will be set in the New Jedi Order, and I already have four players. We have not yet decided on a day and time to play, but we will try to work around everyone's schedule.

    I don't play face to face games for the same reason you stated, and as all of the players I've met where I live are male, it makes me even more nervous, being a girl. I've found I like online gaming better anyway. If you are interested in receiving more details on the game, please e-mail me at Thanks, and hope to hear from you.
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