• Ryn

    Ryn are a nomadic species hailing from an unknown region of the Core. They are descended from flying mammals, and are covered in short, bristly hair that is often of varying color. Ryn have a reputation of being thieves and confidence men, but are usually good to get along with. In addition to wearing outlandish and sometimes vulgar fashions, they have tremendous music aptitude - which likely evolved along with their perforated, flute-like beak.

    NOTE: See the New Jedi Order Sourcebook, page 81 for D20 stats.

    Ryn - D6 Stats
    Home Planet: Unknown
    Attribute Dice: 12D
    DEX 2D/4D
    KNO 2D/4D
    MEC 1D+2/3D+1
    PER 2D+1/4D+2
    STR 2D/4D
    TEC 2D/4D
    Special Abilties
    - Perceptive: Ryn are very perceptive, almost to the point of being mind-readers. Many of them tend to be fortune tellers and other portenders of the future. They receive +2D for every +1D placed in a PER skill.
    - Prehensile Tail: Ryn have limited use of their tails. They have enough control to move relatively heavy objects (under 90 kilograms), but the control is not fine enough to perform fine manipulation (for example, to aim a weapon).
    Story Factors:
    - Nomads: Ryn are nomads, wandering the galaxy. They are originally from the Core, but their home system is unknown. Because of this, they tend to have adventurous and easygoing attitudes.
    - Reputation: Ryn have a reputation for being thieves, con men, and ne'er-do-wells, but most are well-meaning. This reputation is due to their societal secrecy and self-protection.
    Height: 1.3-1.7 meters
    Move: 10-12