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Thread: 1001ways to respond to an attack roll

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    696) The guard regains his senses and swings for you, but you deftly dodge to your left and his right hook almost sweeps him off his feet.

    His body is exposed and a quick kick to the ribs confirms this.

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    Failed Ref vs. Grenade

    697.) After a seemingly calm moment of what sounded like a metallic coin falling at your feet, you are the unfortunate victim of an explosive.

    Successful Ref vs. Grenade

    698.) With a look of surprise, and a spring in your step, you bound through the window of a near by botique, happily leaving the furious heat & molten debris behind you.

    Critical Ref Success vs. Grenade

    699.) The grenade falls at your feet. You can hear the ticking of the timer. A calm rage falls over you, and with a happy grin, you play a game of galatic soccer with the grenade, returning it to your would-be assailant. With a loud roar and a defeaning flash of your opponent being reduced to molecules, you yell out, "GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!"
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    700) FOR KILLS WITH SMALL OR MEDIUM MELEE WEAPONS: You bury your lightsaber/vibroblade/whatever deep into your enemy's chest, and hold it there. As the light leaves his eyes, you withdraw your lightsaber/vibroblade/whatever and slash horizontally as he falls, neatly decapitating him.

    701) FOR KILLS WITH KNIVES AND THE LIKE: With a powerful stab into your enemy's already wounded body (NOTE: WITH THE NEW DAMAGE RULES, KNIVES BASICALLY CAN'T KILL ANY BUT UNCONSCIOUS ENEMIES), you strike his heart, and, with a quick turn of your wrist, stop it from ever beating again.

    702) FOR STRONG MELEE WOUNDS: You slash at your enemy, leaving a huge gash in his side.

    703) FOR MINOR MELEE WOUNDS: You come up along his side with an upward slash, peeling away a chunk of flesh in the process.

    704) FOR CLOSE MELEE FAIL: You come down with a solid chop, but your enemy parries skillfully.

    705) FOR WIDE MELEE FAIL: You attempt a diagonal downward slash, but your enemy sees it coming and leaps deftly out of the way.

    706) FOR AUTO-MISS ROLL ON MELEE ATTACK (a 1): You try a flourishing stab maneuver, but almost hit yourself in the process, and your enemy moves out of the way by the time you have corrected your movement.

    707) FOR RANGED KILLS (non-adjacent, non-coup-de-grace): You fire with an uncanny level of skill, neatly dropping your enemy with a wound to the vitals.

    708) FOR RANGED CRITICAL HIT KILLS: With the sort of skill you only see in holovids, you deftly fire a bolt directly into your enemy's braincase, dropping him instantly.

    709) FOR STRONG RANGED HIT: You find it miraculous that your enemy is still standing after taking that squarely-aimed hit to the shoulder.

    710) FOR WEAK RANGED HIT: Your bolt grazes your enemy's arm/leg/cheek/whatever, and they gasp in pain, but they continue to fight without impediment.

    711) FOR RANGED NEAR MISS: Your bolt takes a small chunk out of your enemy's armor/burns a hole in their clothing, but your opponent is otherwise fine.

    712) FOR RANGED WIDE MISS: You fire, but your opponent ducks perfectly, and the bolt passes harmlessly by them.

    713) FOR RANGED NATURAL MISS: You attempt to fire, but the stress is affecting your nerves, and your arm twitches slightly, sending the bolt harmlessly into the floor.

    714) FOR COUP DE GRACE WITH RANGED WEAPON: You shoot downward into your opponent's skull, just to make sure they won't get back up.

    715) FOR COUP DE GRACE WITH MELEE WEAPON: With a dramatic leap, you come down with full force on your enemy, skewering their chest cavity perfectly.
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    Default Get Horny

    716. (Zabrak or Devaronian character) Pulling your opponent in close you cock your head back and hammer it into his face. Once. Twice. Three times. And when you step back you can see the damage wrought by your horns as blood runs down both your faces and he collapses to the ground.

    717. Steadying your aim you settle the crosshairs over the Iktotchi's face. Can't wear a helmet with those big horns can you, eh? you smile at your target, who is completely unaware of his impending doom.
    The blaster bolt lances out toward his head as it turns...and impacts his left horn, exploding it and sending splinters of keratin into his face.
    Cursing your bad luck you switch the rifle over to autofire. This is not going to be so easy after all.

    718. (Grappling an Iktotchi) You've got behind him, a fine position to choke him out...if your foe were not so experienced too. He has his jaw firm against his chest, stopping you from getting your forearm into his throat, but then an idea comes to you and you release your hold on him briefly to grasp his right horn with both hands.
    Realising what you're about to do he strains to keep his head straight, neck muscles bunching tight, hard like Mandalorian iron.
    But you have it. A lever anchored in his very skull, and you pull on it with all your might. Twisting his head round, no matter how much he struggles.
    Teeth gritted in effort.
    Breathing heavy and frantic.
    As his head comes round, his jaw on his right shoulder, you can see his right eye. A panicked, desperate gaze that meets your own cold, determined one.
    And with a final heave, a wet crack and all resistance is gone.

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    719.) By the name of the gods of Kazaam, this guy is way too fast for me. he thought just milliseconds before another attack rained down on him. A quick combination of a straight blow followed by blows aimed at his liver and solar plexus made him throw up blood. Although the two fighters were engaged for mere seconds, he was not able to detect any weakness in the Zabrak's actions and movements.

    Hopefully we can revive this thread and finally make it to 1001 responds on ab attack roll.
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    720) Your sweep catches the storm trooper off guard and with such force that he finds himself mid air almost parallell to the durasteel floor. You complete the spin, catching the troopers helmet by the face, slamming the back of his head to the ground with a satisying cracking sound.

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    721) The moment you pull the trigger you seem to have a perfect aim on the Storm Trooper's head. Your blast bold is hurled in a perfect straight line towards the trooper.
    It impacts on his helmet slamming his head backwards. The kynetic energy transfered to the head pulls the body futher back ward. The trooper falls against the wall and slowly slides by the wall to the ground, leaving the lifeless body in a sitting position against the wall, with a smoking hole in the helmet.
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