Mandalorian Beskar Armor
Not for sale
+5D Physical, +4D Energy
Protects: Head, Torso, Shoulders, forearms, upper legs
No Dexterity penalties

Helmet provides Thermal/IR viewing, giving +2D to Tracking
Helmet also has Audio Amplification that links directly to the viewer on his Pulse Blaster Rifle. This gives +2D to Search up to a range of 50 meters.
Helmet provides Targeting Heads-Up Display (HUD). This allows the wearer to locate targets within 50 meters and mark them as targets. It provides no added benefit for hitting the targets, but does make target identification quite easy in a muddled combat situation.

Armor attachments:
Flamethrower wrist mount
Range: 1-3 / 5 / 8
Damage: 6D / 4D / 2D
Ammunition: Offers up to 10 seconds of operation before needing to be refilled with typical starship fuel.

Grappling Caster
Range: 1-5 / 10 / 20
Effect: Attaches to the target by entangling the target and attaching to itself. Can be released by command from the armor wearer.
Strength: 5D durability

Whistling Birds
Targetted Tracking Range: 1-10
Damage: 5D
Special: Due to the missiles being made from Beskar, they have superior armor penetrating ability. Subtract 2D from any armor of the target. Does not provide additional damage to lightly armored or unarmored targets.
Special: has limited ammunition, typically 12 missiles
Special: Targets for the Whistling Birds are set by the armor wearer, using the targeting HUD in the helmet.
Hi-Power Blast Pistol
Range: 1-5 / 15 / 30
Damage: 4D+1
Ammunition: power pack allows up to 30 shots before needing to replaced.

Pulse-Blast Rifle
Range: 1-15 / 35 / 70
Ranged Damage: 8D*
Special: * If the damage exceeds the resistance roll by 15 or more, target is Disintegrated
Special: The firing charges need to be reloaded after every shot.
Special: Rifle can be used as a melee weapon, with the front prongs becoming charged. Causes 6D damage if successfully strike a target by 5 or more points above difficulty. Less than 5 above causes a glancing blow, only inflicting 3D Stun damage.

Melee weapon
Damage: STR+3D+2
Special: Once activated, the blade is able to penetrate things that a normal blade may not be able to.

M-1 Jump pack "Rising Phoenix"
Controlled by armor wearer, requires minimum of 3D in Jet Pack Operation. Allows boost assisted jumping, up to 100 meters high or 70 meters distant. Uses 1 charge for each assisted jump which includes a short deceleration burn upon landing.
Also allows controlled flight, capable of traveling of speeds up to 250 KPH, and an altitude of up to 500 meters. Uses 1 charge for every round spent in flight mode.
Special: contains up to 50 charges before it must be recharged and refueled.
Special: This jump pack is triggered by the thought of the armor wearer. No voice commands are needed to operate. As such, it requires the special training in its operation. It will not operate for any wearer with less than 3D in Jet Pack Operation.