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Thread: Lots of new SW coming from 2021 onward

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    Default Lots of new SW coming from 2021 onward

    Iím sure youíve all seen the announcements:

    A Rogue Squadron movie from Patty Jenkins.

    Cassian Andor series.

    A movie by Taika Waititi.

    Asoka Tano gets her own live action series.

    Another live action series, set at the same time as The Mandalorian, called Rangers of the New Republic.

    Yet another live action series, in an unexplored time setting if I remember correctly, called The Acolyte.

    A series of anime called Visions.

    The Bad Batch continuing on from after the Clone Wars CGI series.

    And a droid CGI series. A new droid hero, plus R2 and 3PO if I remember correctly.

    And news that Hayden will be back as Vader in Obi-wan Kenobi! I assume it will be as flashbacks so he appears as Anakin, and if there are Vader scenes itíll be James Earl Jones doing the voicing...?

    Which are you most excited about?
    For me itís Rogue Squadron, Andor and Taika Waititiís film. Recently Favreau and Filoni have been bringing back good bits of Legacy into the Canon so I hope Rogue Squadron will do a bit of this.
    I hear K2-SOís actor, Alan Tudyk, is also in it so hopefully weíll see Cassian and K2 meet for the first time. The former catch and reprogram the latter, perhaps.
    And I loved Might Thor: Ragnarok, so I look forward to seeing what Taika Waititi does with SW.

    I wonder if The Mandalorian, Asoka and Rangers will all build up to a linked climax (e.g. Thrawn).

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    Moderately concerned they might be overdoing it with all of this. I love The Mandalorian and I know they want to capitalize on its success, but too much all at once risks burning people out imo.

    Rogue Squadron is probably the most interesting to me. I love big, epic space battles and RS should fit the bill perfectly if it's done right.

    Kenobi series is #2 on my hype list. Hearing that Anakin/Vader will be in it as well only makes it that much better.

    Waititi is an entertaining director, so whatever he churns out should be pretty interesting.

    Pretty happy to know Asoka is getting her own series and while Rosario Dawson did a great job portraying her in The Mandalorian, I feel like this one would be better suited as a CG series rather than live action.

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    Yeah, I'm also hesitant about the sudden urge to push a whole lot out. Success at one does NOT mean that they will all be successful. And the more you dilute your talent, the greater chance there is at a substantial miss.

    I think the Rangers of the New Republic most interests me, if they do it correctly. It is more with the "little fellows" instead of always focusing on the main characters. I think that's an aspect that compels so many people to the Mandalorian series. It's more personal, less "galaxy spanning" in its scope, but it still very much captures the feel of Star Wars without being over the top. The more they try to make things, the more likely you'll end up with subpar material.
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    I'm stoked. Every show is a window to that universe/setting, and each element of the show - locations, gear, vehicles, characters - is something we can use in our RPG campaigns.

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